pat muchmore

¶An album of 7 electronic works by Pat Muchmore using ReBirth 338 v2.1. With the exception of a few samples used (Nikt SchlepN and Sh0k-R0k), several quotations from other music, and some default 303, 808, and 909 patterns in the program, they are entirely original works.

The 7 tracks on the album are:

1. ¢-0n8 (w/ fadeout)
2. 12Ton
3. greatsleep
4. G@mut
5. £
6. Nikt SchlepN
7. Sh0k-R0k

¶[UPDATE 2011: I've uploaded this album to SoundCloud. Stream or download (higher-quality than before) here. There are also streaming players on each individual track's page. And what the hell, here's a player for the whole thing:

Now back to Pat's description from 10 years ago.]

¶The title of the album (and first track) refers to the term centonate, which is used most often in discussions of gregorian chant. Chant texts and melodies are often patchworks of traditional sources, compiled and coagulated by the composer. Of course, this technique is also in use in the majority of electronica and hip-hop works, as samples and quotations are assembled into a new, and in the best examples, internally cohesive, piece of music. Throughout this album, the technique of centonization is explored within the framework of house, acid, and industrial compositions.

¶Although all 7 songs were almost entirely generated from the pattern-based sequencer in ReBirth, large portions still involve recorded live performance attributes. These include live continual tone changes by varying cutoff frequency, resonance and similar settings as well as various parameters in a pattern-controlled filter. Futhermore, the pattern changes themselves were often recorded live. The result is a more exciting, "human" quality despite the absence of performed instruments. Indeed, the ReBirth program could be considered a performed instrument in its own right.

¶Each track has its own page in this site; more detailed information is provided as well as access to 128kbps MP3 files of each piece.