I am a cellist/composer and social gadfly currently living in New York City. When people ask me what kind of music I write, I generally request that they never ask again--but, if they press, I tell them punk-classical. It doesn't really mean anything of course, but it sounds neat and vaguely approximates my approach toward music these days.

At the end of 2009, I finally completed my PhD at the City University of New York Graduate Center, meaning I can officially call myself DR. Pat Muchmore so long as I don't care about the fact that 95% of the people around me would consider me a pretentious ass for doing so. My dissertation is called Humanity and Mechanicity in the music of Nine Inch Nails and is an analysis of the first four albums by Nine Inch Nails (with a brief bonus analysis of one track from the fifth album, [With_Teeth]). The other hoop I had to clear was a large composition, which is my cello concerto p41i/\/\p53$7 α.

My performance and composition life is for the most part centered on the punk chamber group, Anti-Social Music, of which I am a co-founder and gleeful ne'er-do-well. You should be coming to all of our concerts. I don't care that you live in __________! Just get your ass out here and see the future of everything. The first ASM album, Anti-Social Music Sings the Great American Songbook, includes my own Fracture II along with a ton of other great pieces, many of which I got to play cello and/or sing on. It's available here at amazon or at iTunes and other usual suspects. Later, ASM released a record called Fracture: The Music of Pat Muchmore and, as you can probably guess, it's a recording of several of my pieces. It can be purchased from many places, and even streamed for free, as detailed on this page. We've also recently released an album called Anti-Social Music is the Future of Everything which includes yet another piece by me, which you can learn about here.

So...I'm not gonna spoon feed you all the info you could ever want. Wanna know about the pieces I've written? Check out the Works page for a complete list (in some cases, including downloadable score pages and MP3s). Want to see or hear my music in action? Check out the Media page. In fact, check out all of the self-explanatory links above--If you made it to this page, you'll probably manage the rest all on your lonesome. Oh, and if you want to talk to me for some reason, you can e-mail me (if you are a spammer, I shall hunt down and kill you with extreme prejudice. That goes double for you spambots out there).

Oh shit, I forgot all of the standard boilerplate bragging stuff. I've studied with two (count 'em 2) Pulitzer Prize-winning composers (namely, John Corigliano and David Del Tredici). I received a bunch of awards in college that I don't remember anymore. I've played cello (and occassionally, the trombone and piano) with a number of bands, including dalek, come down, World/Inferno Friendship Society, Andrew Spencer, John Guilt, and The Dirty Sock Funtime Band. And, finally, I sometimes cop a fake egotistical attitude in my bios in order to cover up some--and possibly all four--of the following things:

  1. I'm somewhat neurotic and find myself shifting from an overly blustery attitude to an overly self-effacing attitude with a reckless disregard for human decency
  2. I genuinely DO feel proud of the things I'm discussing, and try to hide it behind a dual layer of self-effacement hidden behind bluster
  3. I think bragging about this sort of stuff is silly and it's funny to indulge in it, and/or...
  4. My name is really Felicio Torres, the greatest lover in all of Mexico