There aren't a lot of clips here yet, but there are fourmore than there used to be, so I'm happy.

here's a video of Anti-Social Music performing Fracture II.This clip features Dan Neustadt on piano,
Ken Thomson on clarinet, and Danny Mulligan
on electrified git-ar.

here's a younger, better-dressed me playing
PortRait of the ArTist,**NYC2001, my hit single.

Here are MP3s of all three movements of [Ar]4s118p1:

1. (0258) Pillar
2. m7 Pillar
3-_P5 Pillar

and here is the score in PDF format.

this is an audio clip of PortRait_2,**NYC2k2.
This is a studio recording that I made with the
generous and inimitable assistance of Tolga Tuzun.

Here's a picture Jenny took of me whilst
rehearsing PortRaitS_4&five,**NYC'04.
Yes,it's quite possible I'm
hurting myself at that very moment.

Go to this page to see some images of a sculptural score that my wife Jenny and I built. I call it the brokenAphorism_15 Pillar