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Now you can stream the whole album here, or go to the bandcamp page

Radio Interview and Performance

I was interviewed by Douglas Lauritsen on Rutgers' WRSU. Tune into 88.7 FM if you're in the area, or go to their website to listen. Oh, and here's the free MP3 of PortRait of the ArTist,**NYC2001 (right-click or ctrl-click to download).

Second Review!

This is another great review from Stanford, describing the album as "jittery, delicate, unsettling, emotive, and unnerving." Other Favorite bits:

  • "really crunchy. a kick in the balls, great stuff" [about gumdrops and kittens]
  • "moany accordion waltz, through disturbed corset nightmare territory, howling maidens, eeire strings, art school as fuck" [about the second movement of brokenAphorisms_12-14]
Good stuff, read the whole thing.

Time Out Chicago publishes first review!!

I seriously love this review by Mia Clarke. Here are a couple of my favorite bits:

  • "The chaos lies somewhere between John Zorn's Naked City skronk and a nightmarish noir score, a little bit organ-grinder meets meat grinder. But there's more to this than wild, antagonizing dissonance."
  • "Muchmore doesn't subscribe to time or key signatures, but he has a fine ear for detail"
  • "it offers a limited palate of emotion (mostly fury). But Anti-Social provokes more than it infuriates."
OK, so I do often have time signatures, but they change with practically every measure. Definitely don't use key signatures, outside of one passage in II الغرانيق:}{:Fracture IV. I'd like to think that I have a wider palate (or palette?) of emotions, but I can definitely agree that fury has pride of place. Anyway, read the whole thing.
Back to your regularly scheduled program:

I am intensely excited about Anti-Social Music's album of my music, Fracture: The Music of Pat Muchmore. This page is for those who would like to know more about the pieces on this record. I've written pages explaining the various series that are represented by these pieces, as well as tons of info about each piece individually. You can also download scores of any of these works if you like. I recommend in particular looking at the visual scores for p@1i/\/\p$35+ β:}{:brokenAphorisms_7-11 and brokenAphorisms_12-14, which I'm particularly geekily proud of.

Ever since 2000, most of my pieces are parts of larger series. Several of these are represented on this record, and you can read more about them at the following links:

If you own a physical copy of the record, you've probably noticed that I have a fetish for strange titles. However, if you import it into iTunes, or buy it in MP3 form, several of the titles are wrong, including the album title. Here are the actual titles, with links for more info on each track including scores. If you want to, you should be able to copy and paste these titles into your MP3 library for maximum title fidelity (and every time someone does this, an angel gets its wings!). I know they work in iTunes, but any unicode-enabled system should work.

The tracklist:

1. gumdrops and kittens
2. II الغرانيق:}{:Fracture IV
   (al-Gharaniq II:}{:Fracture IV)
3. shitfuckcumbastard
4. ΘΣ
5-7. brokenAphorisms_12-14
8. String Quartet No. 2
9. brokenAphorism_15[-=]
10-14. p@1i/\/\p$35+ β:}{:brokenAphorisms_7-11
     (Palimpsest Beta:}{:brokenAphorisms_7-11)

I hope you enjoy the CD. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions or comments.