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I. bA_19..[BOHR]p+no/e-1/p+no/

II. bA_20..[FEYNMAN]quantum/e-+e+=γ=e+e-/

Duration: ≈5'30"
Date Completed: Sept. 2008
Score Completed: March 16, 2011
Part of Series: brokenAphorisms
and Palimpsest
and Rydberg
Score: PDF
(Please note: this is one of my favorite scores. Like all Aphorism scores it is designed to be a visual complement to the work itself. Although the piece could theoretically be performed from this score, here is a performance draft).
Recording: Available for free at SoundCloud or you can listen through this player: Performed by: Chris Di Meglio and Tim Byrnes (trumpets) and Pat Muchmore and John Wriggle (trombones)

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