The Chrysalis Melody

This is a melody which occurs often in my music ever since I moved to New York City in 2000. It's from one of the first pieces I wrote, Chrysalis for solo cello (1997), and I think I'm obsessed with it because it seems to encapsulate a compositional style that is largely lost to me, and which I miss from time-to-time. Here it is in its original form.

The melody is used in almost all of my Fracture piece and has also made appearances in String Quartet No. 2, PortRait of the ArTist,**NYC2001 and al-Gharaniq II:}{:Fracture IV along with a few others. I can't seem to get this idée fixe out of my mind or my work. Sometimes it seems humorous, sometimes sad and sometimes I don't even realize it's present until sombody points it out to me.

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