¶By most accounts, the first 12-tone row to be created and used in the style now called classical serialism, was that for Arnold Schönberg's Suite, Op. 25. 12Ton uses the same tone row in its construction. The piece only basically follows classical serialist tradition--the rows are treated almost exclusively horizontally--and even within those parameters, the tradition is ignored at several points. Still, the main feel of the row is retained.

¶Schönberg inserted a reverse rendition of the famous B-A-C-H (Bb-A-C-Bnatural) motive J.S. Bach often playfully inserted into his music, and these four notes become the unifying motive and comprise the emotional highpoint of the work.

¶This quotation by Schönberg is in itself an example of mild centonization. The patchwork nature of this track is further heightened by the use of some default ReBirth drum patterns. (Although I honestly don't recall which ones I created and which I didn't.)

12Ton uses no overdubbing or external effects. The 808 and 909 have the Voltage2 Mod samples loaded.