¶The title Nikt SchlepN refers to a marking often used by Gustav Mahler in many of his orchestral scores: nicht schleppend or, don't drag. Although this work certainly doesn't drag, at 400+ bpm it reaches speeds far faster than any other track on the album, the main point of the title is to make a connection to Mahler. His 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 6th symphonies are quoted, and a recording of his 2nd is sampled in 1 place. There are also some harmonic, textural, and structural similarities.

¶However, the length of the song, by far the shortest on the album, ends the similarity abruptly.

¶This track has significant overdubbing; at one point no fewer than 10 303s are used. Of course, the samples are also overdubbed. Some external reverb and distortion was added to the final file as well. Multiple tempo changes (a feature not included in ReBirth 338 v2.1) required a piecemeal creation of the final song. Finally, the vocal effects during the last section were recorded live from my Kawai K4 on a multitrack recorder. An awful lot of work for 4 minutes of a silly song, huh? The 808 and 909 use Infernalizer samples.